10 Benefits and Drawbacks of Smart Locks for Your Airbnb

Protect your guests and your property

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5 min readNov 13, 2022
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You can take a number of precautionary steps to keep your Airbnb property and your guests secure from intruders. These include installing an advanced alarm system, placing lights around the property in strategic locations to discourage criminal activity, and making sure all windows close properly and lock securely.

As smart home technology advances, keyless home locks are rapidly becoming more popular. However, are these smart lock systems suitable for your primary residence or a rental property?

Continue reading to find out the benefits and disadvantages tenants and/or homeowners should think about before upgrading a rental property.

What exactly does a smart lock system do?

Instead of a mechanical key and lock, residents can lock or unlock a home using a smart locks. Therefore, the allure of a keyless entry system is understandable if you’ve ever misplaced your keys.

These systems additionally permit entry using a keypad, smartphone, or fingerprint reader, depending on the model selected.

Smart Lock System Benefits



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